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Each child is divine, and yet . . .

The conditions in Republic of Georgia’s state orphanages are so harsh that many children prefer to take their chances on the street.

In most of the former republics of the former Soviet Union, economic dislocation has ensured that children in state institutions have not fared well. The orphanages receive very little public or private support: children and staff survive primarily on intermittent food, bedding and clothing assistance from international donors.

Divine Child Foundation (DCF) was created in order to help provide this assistance. We are guided by a set of very explicit goals as we work with the children:

  • To provide a safe, secure and stable environment for the children
  • To facilitate educational and social opportunities
  • To┬áprovide counseling and support for the emotional and spiritual needs of the children
  • To supplement the children’s education with vocational training so that each child can be self-reliant once they reach the age of 17
  • To enrich the lives of the children by continued hands-on participation with each of “our” orphanages.

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