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Family-Style Homes in Georgia

Small Family-Style Children’s Homes

After several years of supporting the Saguramo Orphanage in Georgia, the Divine Child Foundation has been awarded a contract to manage two small children’s homes.  The Ministry of Economics and Sustainable Development purchased two large houses.  The houses were completely renovated inside and out with funding provided by USAID.  The Ministry is leasing them to Divine Child at no cost for the ten-year duration of the contract.  Save the Children has agreed to furnish the homes, providing beds, linens and basic furniture.

The Tsilkani Children’s Home opened on December 27, welcoming ten children.  A few weeks later the Galavani home opened, for another ten children.  Fourteen of the twenty children were originally at Saguramo.

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The government pays a stipend of about $9.15 per child per day. We will be responsible for hiring and paying a staff of five for each house, including certified child-care providers; paying for utilities and home upkeep; providing clothing, school books, meals, medical care and all other day-to-day expenses of the children and the house.

Lali Cercvadze is the Homes’ Director.  She has been Director at Saguramo for several years, has a degree in child psychology, and is devoted to the welfare of the children.  Lali is familiar with Georgian law and policy relating to child welfare, and will be an excellent hands-on leader for this new undertaking.

We have prepared a detailed budget for providing a home that is modest but comfortable, with all the necessities, and some enrichment for the children. Our budget requires $3.50 per child per day above the government stipend, making our 2012 fundraising goal for these homes $25,550.

We invite you to help!

Tsilkani and Galavani Children's HOmes

Support the ten children at Tsilkani Children's Home

How does it work?

The Georgian government has provided a renovated building for each home, and a daily stipend of $9.15 per child. Divine Child Foundation’s Georgian arm is responsible for hiring and paying staff, maintaining the buildings, and keeping the children fed and clothed.

How much will it cost?

More than the government stipend. That’s enough to provide the very minimum: house parents, basic meals, just enough clothing. No bikes or basketballs; no birthday presents or special outings. Keep the thermostat low and the portions small. Now, more than ever, we need your help. We need to raise an additional $3 per day per child.

How many children are we caring for?

Georgia is making a national effort to replace its orphanages with small family-style homes, outsourcing their operation to privately-run NGOs. We now operate two homes, each housing ten children ranging in age from 5 to 17.

What about Saguramo?

Saguramo has closed its doors.  Fourteen of the children we came to know and love are now part of the Galavani and Tsilkani families.  They are able to visit each other occasionally when the homes get together.  The remaining children from Saguramo have been placed in other small homes similar to ours.

How can I help?

Donate via a one-time or monthly donation.  Spread the word to friends and family who might be interested in helping.  Participate in our Christmas card fundraiser.  “Like” us on Facebook, “Digg” us, link to us from your own blog.  With your help, we are turning these houses into homes for the forgotten children of Georgia.

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