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Saguramo Support

The orphanage at Saguramo has now closed.  We are fortunate that ten of the children have moved into Divine Child’s Galavani Village home, and four have joined the Tsilkani home.

The Divine Child Foundation has made a real and tangible difference in the lives of the children at the Saguramo Orphanage.

Saguramo was the starting point for our work in Georgia.  We formed a close relationship with the director, Lali Cercvadze, and she has become the Director of our two small family-style homes.

For five years, Divine Child volunteers made regular visits to the Saguramo orphanage.  We visited with the children, supported and encouraged the staff, kept abreast of immediate needs, and planned for longer-term projects in consultation with the director.  We made extensive repairs and renovations to the building, including new windows and doors, a heating and hot water system, completely renovated bathrooms, and upgraded electrical service.  Details of these projects are on the completed projects page.

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